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Rockers In Recovery® (RIR) – Addiction Recovery Based News & Media

Our base of followers are some of the greatest people in the world, “Addiction Survivors”. The term also Includes, Loved ones, Family, Friends, Employers, and anyone effectively caught up in the cycle of active addiction issues and isms.


Committed To Never Giving Up

Rockers In Recovery®  Music - Where Recovery Education Information and Rock-N-Roll Come Together - We Are Not A Treatment Program or Advocacy Group

Since 2008 our sole purpose is to provide prevention and education awareness to anyone who suffers with drug addiction and alcoholism. We do this through our online media platforms using entertainment news, digital downloads, music, news, events, and festivals taking place within and not limited to the clean and sober community


Rockers In Recovery DISCLAIMER

This Store and Our Websites, Newsletter, Radio Shows, Posts, Livestream Productions, Social Media Platforms, and Press Releases are based on opinion. They are not meant to treat or diagnose any health or mental health issue of any kind. If you feel you need help for any health related issues please contact a physician or a mental health professional. If you have a medical Emergency Call 911 or go to your local hospital.

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RIR Corporate has established their own content driven platforms with millions of engagements yearly through their Websites, Digital Magazine, Digital Newsletters, Digital Podcast and Radio Shows, Digital Streamers, Daily Digital Posts, Live Digital Productions, Videos and Digital Press Releases. RIR Corporate’s Business Development also utilizes, National, Regional, and Local Community Outreach Music Events, Live Stream Music Productions, 

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